Working in Prague

How easy is it to find a job in the Czech Republic?   Demand for good, qualified teachers (like you will be after the course) is currently far out stripping supply. In fact, the biggest problem our graduates have is turning down work!  There is currently a massive demand for English teachers in the Czech Republic. There are many opportunities for English teachers either through a language school or by setting up private classes yourself. In fact you will probably find yourself turning classes down.

Most graduates work for language schools, teaching a mixture of in-company and in-centre classes. Many supplement their income by taking on private students. Our job placement department will advise and help you with all your job search requirements. The Czech Republic has always been one of the most popular destinations for TEFL teachers. Most teachers head to the main cities of Prague or Brno but you will find language schools in many towns all over the country. Most recruitment is done locally, and most institutions require teachers to have either a Trinity Cert. TESOL or CELTA as a minimum qualification.

The main opportunities lie in teaching General English, Business English and Young Learners. The Cambridge exams are very popular, especially PET, FCE and CAE. The academic year runs from October to June.  In the summer most schools offer summer courses or run camps in the countryside. Many classes run from Monday to Thursday with some work available on Friday. As a first year teacher, you could have a split shift timetable meaning that you work from approximately 7.30am-10am, and an afternoon/evening shift of 5-8.00pm. Lunchtime classes are often available. This can take some getting used to as your days are long and the travelling between classes can be tiring. However, once you have decided how to plan your free time between classes, you will have the benefit of being able to do that extra bit of preparation on the tram and usually having Friday afternoon free to jump on a bus to Vienna, Berlin, Budapest…the list goes on!

Expect to do around 20 to 25 hours teaching a week and earn around 20,000-22,000kč a month on average when you start out. This will increase after the first year and you can supplement your income through finding private students. The cost of living in the Czech Republic still relatively low compared to other EU countries. Prague is definitely more expensive but still a place that many, many English teachers call home. Expect to pay around 6,000-10,000kč a month for accommodation in Prague. If a smaller city is more your style, there are lots of opportunities outside the capital and just as much demand. The Czech lifestyle and opportunities for winter sports, travel, historic culture need no introduction. As a TEFL teacher you will not be wealthy, but should find you have enough to enjoy everything Central and Eastern Europe has to offer. What more could you want? If you come here to take the Cert TESOL course we have a careers advisor to help you with CV and interview prep. After she sends out your CV, you are likely to be inundated with invitations to interview from various schools all over the city. Yes. It’s really that easy.