Visa Service in Kerala

Do I need a visa?

All applicants who do not have Indian passports or Overseas Citizens of India cards are required to obtain visas from their nearest Indian consulates.

Can I travel in India before or after taking the course?

That depends on the duration of your visa, but people on student visas are allowed to take holidays while studying in India.

What are the most viable options?

There are considerable variations in the approaches of the various Consulates around the world. The approach of consulates even varies within countries. Some consulates within the same country will issue student visas and some will not.There are a variety of visas but to take a course at the centre in India, you must obtain a short course student visa.

Short Course Student Visas

These are available for courses of up to one year. Please note: you cannot travel to India on a tourist visa and then obtain a short course student visa while you are there. You must apply for this type of visa from your country of residence. Check the website of the Indian High Commission in your home country for advice about the nearest Indian Consulate.

What do I need to provide for my short course student visa?

We supply all the documents generally required in order to obtain the visa.

  • Acceptance letter from the Indian institution: this has to be on the Cochin International Language letterhead.
  • Statement of expenses: given with the acceptance letter
  • Local Authority Registration Certificate, showing that Cochin International Language Academy is a legally registerd to offer educational courses
  • Course fee receipt

Note: Other documents may be requested at the discretion of the Consulate processing your visa. We will supply whatever is required.

Please note:

No courses can be undertaken in Kerala without an appropriate visa, as outlined above. You cannot come to India to take courses on a tourist visa and you cannot convert a tourist visa to a student visa whilst in India. As your short course student visa is sponsored by the centre in Kerala, you are required to follow your course of study there although you are allowed to travel during approved vacations with the permission of the centre’s management.

If you are thinking about coming to Kerala to take our Trinity CertTESOL course or one of our teacher development courses, get in touch to find out more about how we can help you obtain your visa or apply for a course.