Visa Service Barcelona

At Oxford TEFL we provide an optional visa service for trainees taking our TEFL courses that wish to stay in Spain to teach English.  Our visa service in Barcelona is different from a lot of other course providers. We actually provide assistance from within the school, we don’t outsource to another company. This means that our visa support officer, Tim, can work with our non-EU trainees before, during and after the course to make sure that they get a fast and reliable service, while also keeping costs as low as possible.

Originally from the U.S, Tim has been through the whole visa process himself so he has first-hand knowledge of every element of visa applications any problems which may occur. We have an almost 100% success rate in obtaining visas for those from countries such as the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand! In addition to this, he is also the careers adviser in Barcelona so he can help our trainees with any visa and work-related issues, which are quite often connected.

Do I need a visa?

Unless you have an EU Passport, you’ll only be allowed to stay in the Schengen Zone on a tourist visa for 90 days. The Schengen Zone includes Spain and most other EU countries. The tourist visa is enough to take your one month CELTA course. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days or work, you will need to apply for a different visa.

If you are a Canadian, Australian or New Zealand citizen, you could be entitled to apply for the one year Youth Mobility Visa/ Working Holiday visa.

What are the most viable options if I want to stay longer than 90 days?

You have two options:

  • Short-term student visa (4 to 6 months)
  • Long-term student visa (minimum 7 months)

With the long-term student visa, you are eligible to legally work for up to 20 hours per week, which is more or less full time teaching. If you decide you would like a student visa, our Developing Teacher with Spanish course meets the requirements to do this. This would be taken immediately after our CELTA course in Barcelona.

Total: 80 hours per month (20 hours per week)

Developing Teacher with Spanish course fee: €300 per month

How can Oxford TEFL Barcelona help me obtain my visa?

Tim will guide you step-by-step through the visa process and ensure that the process is as streamlined and stress-free. Our comprehensive Spanish visa support includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance to apply for and renew a visa
  • Priority mailing of all documents required at no additional cost
  • Fast replies and unlimited support through email or Skype/phone chats
  • Support filling in all forms for the different processes required
  • Putting you in touch with previous graduates that have completed these processes
  • Recommendations of health insurance for U.S applicants

Once in Spain:

  • Assistance obtaining the Empadronamiento (officially registering your address) as well as applying for the NIE card (foreigner’s ID number) and social security number
  • Translation support and phone calls in Spanish
  • Liaising with potential TEFL employers to help them sponsor your work authorization

Visa service fee: €100

If you are thinking about coming to Barcelona to take our Cambridge CELTA course or Developing Teacher with Spanish course, get in touch to find out more about how we can help you obtain your visa or apply for a course.

I was attracted to apply for a course at Oxford Tefl in particular because of the visa support service. I had heard stories on how obtaining an NIE could be a nightmare, more so if you did not speak Spanish. Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE within a shortest possible time.She has further complimented my stay with a job through the school’s connection. I am a Developing Teacher and now working within legal stipulated hours for a student. For those coming to Spain to pursue their teaching career and who do not want hurdles, Oxford Tefl is their answer. And to Regina, you have no idea how much you have helped. Thank you! Continue reading

Juliet Mabutwe, Zambia