I loved the course!! I expected it to just be another one of those rip-off courses, where you get bored out of your mind and they give you a certificate for it. I learnt a lot! The course included so … Continue reading

It was intense but well worth it. I feel like I can plan my own lessons now with confidence. The input sessions were invaluable and I loved all the tutors.  Šarka and Sean were very supportive but also gave me … Continue reading

I got a good job the day before the course ended… Not only was Sinead around to help with CV and interview advice but she also went to bat for me and contacted the school when I had to cancel an interview last minute. Continue reading

Before, after and during my course I was in contact with the Visa and Careers advisor who helped with my CV, got me interviews and guided me through the Visa process. As a non EU citizen herself she really knew what she was doing and everything went pretty smoothly. I now have a job, a visa and the opportunity to travel around Europe. Thanks guys! Continue reading

Had a great experience in Barcelona and met great people – I learned more than I thought I could in a month!