The Cambridge Exam Classes Teacher development course was great, a very flexible course structure with constant support from the tutor. Excellent for new or experienced teachers, it provided me with new and insightful information and teaching techniques to bring into my exam classes. Continue reading

Alex Nightingale

The online course is very well designed, you will have enough time to do the assignments and the tutor will be happy to help at all times. There is plenty of information that will be shared with you as well as lots of different resources. Continue reading

Gemma Buil Ferri

My experience during this course has been very positive. The way it’s organized and its resources selected leads you through in a logical way and enables you to reflect on your teaching. Continue reading

I think this course and instructor did an excellent job of familiarizing us with Cambridge Exams and explaining useful activities that we can use in our classrooms to help prepare our students for the exams.

I really enjoyed the program. Jack, the instructor, was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. He gave us lots to think about when teaching our students and kept us engaged during the course.