I can take almost any book and teach its subject matter, but in this cased the stakes were high for the students who came to class, and in some cases, expecting a magical wand to pass the exam. This course … Continue reading

Catherine Williams

I have just finished an online CLIL course. I found it really interesting and challenging. I found it especially useful having a choice of assignments to best suit my context and teaching experience. Ollie was a really supportive tutor and … Continue reading

It is a really interesting and practical course because it provide us with new ideas and knowledges of teaching Young Learners.


This was exactly what I needed to kick-start my online teaching course.  I have a lot of teaching experience but a sad lack of IT skills but not any more thanks in the main to my tutor Daniel Lawrence.   … Continue reading

The Young Learner’s extension course was really helpful because it had us actually play a lot of the games that our future students would enjoy playing! Emily had a lot of really great ideas and techniques to share and the … Continue reading