One of the reasons I chose to do the Trinity Diploma was the flexibility the course offered me in terms of opting for video observations. It was not at all stressful; although there were two cameras in the classroom with the tutor observing me, I was still teaching my learners at my school. When I went in for the f2f session, I was more relaxed as I had fewer lessons to plan and teach. Moreover, I knew what to expect in terms of the procedure and feedback and that was an added advantage. Continue reading

Suchetha Nair
Andrew Carte

“It was hard work, but very rewarding especially the close friendships you make with others on your course. The tutors really are incredibly supportive at every step along the way. Careerwise, it gave me a lot more confidence, especially when … Continue reading

Andrew Carte, UK

The online Trinity Diploma gave me the flexibility I needed to work and study. I was able to focus on YL’s which made the course particularly appealing to me. Continue reading

One of the most exciting and interesting part of the course was video observations. During the online course and face to face sessions we could submit videos of phonology assignments and classroom teachings. It really helped me to save time and experiment with something new. Continue reading

Jaimon George

“Completing the Diploma has been one of the best decisions I have made in terms of professional growth and self-actualisation. The dedicated tutors gave me constructive criticism, targeted at improving my competency in a step-by-step way, raised my awareness and … Continue reading

Alan Wong, Canada/Hong Kong