Seriously, I was very concerned before I arrived in London. After all, I came by myself and I did not know what it would be like. But my host mother is amazing. Margaret is an amazing host mother. I wish … Continue reading

Evellin Paiva Teles, Brazil

The student apartment has been lovely – we have a built-in friend and study group. The apartment has a lot of character and it’s in a lovely part of town!

Everyone working at the school is kind, helpful and funny. You should definitely take advantage of their accommodation services. The hosts that they paired me with were very respectful and fun loving, and the flat was always very clean and quiet. Continue reading

The Oxford TEFL Accommodation Service is brilliant. It’s convenient, thorough and helpful and you are set up with wonderful hosts and a great room. I definitely recommend the Accommodation Service for the CELTA/TEFL because the course is intensive and it’s … Continue reading

Maya Dileep Kumar

Good value for money, peaceful, and proper facilities provided in the room.