We have found Oxford TEFL to be highly professional.

The Academic Program at Zayed University, United Arab Emirates prepares Emirati students for university study. We are a large department of over 100 teachers across two campuses. 

As a result of a move from a general English language program to a curriculum with a specific EAP focus,  our faculty requested to engage in professional development. This course allowed us to offer over 40 teachers the opportunity to engage in the study of EAP from a theoretical and applied perspective.

The course covered the basics elements of the field of EAP and included personal tutorials with an experienced EAP professional. The course offered us an affordable means for a large group of teachers to engage in professional development at a time and place of their own choosing.

The introductory course was well received and enabled our teachers to update their skills and knowledge. Oxford TEFL have been highly responsive to our needs; as a result of feedback, one component was significantly rewritten and timings were arranged to suit our faculty needs. They were prepared to run individual, small and large group courses.

Overall, we have found Oxford TEFL to be highly professional. 

Suzanne Littlewood