Support, mentoring, and expertise

I believe in singing the praises of people who have gone the extra mile for others’ benefit, so I would like to express to you my heartfelt appreciation of the support, mentoring, and expertise imparted by Maria Regina Cárdenas and Anna Stubbs.

Because Regina was my tutor for the second half of the TESOL course, I have seen every aspect of her duties at Oxford House.In the classroom, she is a phenomenal teacher, and the students love her and benefit immensely from her instruction. As a teacher trainee, she exhibited the perfect balance of high expectations and being strict and, at the same time, supportive and encouraging, as did Anna Stubbs.

I gained great pedagogical wisdom from my feedback sessions with both of them. Regina’s input sessions given to the trainees were always so well implemented and packed with great advice on how to become successful in our job search after graduation from the course. Because she is so organized and efficient, the Dropbox folder she emails to all teacher trainees has everything we need to be autonomous in our job pursuit.

Lastly, both Anna and Regina were caring and compassionate when they saw the difficult emotional and psychological adjustment I was going through having made the decision to immigrate to Spain and leave my country behind, and they both made me feel much more comfortable and confident about this new stage of my life. I am now back on my feet, have reclaimed my personal power and confidence, and I have Regina and Anna both to thank for it. I hold them both in very high esteem and am now a much more effective teacher, thanks to both of them.