Oxford House in Barcelona is clearly in a league of their own

Everything about the program, the staff, and the location shouts professionalism.  With the smooth operation of the school given the amount of students, the constant flow of incoming teacher trainees, and the variety of courses offered, there really is little room for critique.  Anything that could or would be said stems from individualized preferences or minor concerns that are more than likely improving with every incoming class.  The entire staff is friendly as well as helpful and the teachers are exceptional at what they do.  Cat was able to break down a complex language, provide a model for us to follow easily, and create a learning environment that each one of us found extremely enjoyable.  Billie is exceptionally thorough and helpful.  She provided in depth analysis of each class we instructed and was always available to talk and share her expertise.  Anna was great at keeping us all informed, reminding us of important dates, and being overwhelmingly supportive when anyone, including myself, needed assistance in any way.  Neil lit us the info sessions.  It was always a pleasure to listen to him explain a grammar point or idea for a lesson.  The staff is what makes this already top tier program stand above the rest.  With the people I have spoken with who have completed TEFL or TESOL training elsewhere, it is clear that Oxford House offers so much more than what other programs provide.  The only major thing I would say could be improved on personally would be communication when not on the premises.  Overall, I think I made the right choice choosing Oxford House and will continue to recommend it to others.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat.