A truly invaluable experience

Doing my DIP-TESOL with OxfordTEFL have been a truly invaluable experience, building my personal development. Each tutor is selected specifically to meet the personal needs of of each trainee and we have had the opportunity to work with well known professionals in the field if ELT, experts in their field and always on hand to answer and guide you through the course units. The administrative team have been remarkable, always available to answer any doubts or solution difficulties or with regards to the course objectives or personal circumstances, fully open to look for flexible solutions always putting the trainee first. It has been hard work but at the same time , due to the caring, flexibility professional and completely accessible academic team. My director of studies has been constantly in contact with me assessing and guiding me to reach my full potential.

I would recommend, if you’re thinking seriously about taking the next step in your career as a TESOL teacher doing the Trinity Dip-TESOL WITH Oxford Tefl as they don’t only supply the necessary perpetration but also the necessary accompaniment required to make sure you not only grow in knowledge but also professionally. I was dubious of online preservation courses until having the pleasure to study alongside the team at Oxford TEFL who gave proved that for them it’s more than just course content but also about personally catering to the needs of each trainee during every aspect if the course.

Don’t waste your time or money on other preparation centres, I would think twice of recommending them to each of my fellow colleagues or friends who are considering taking the Dip-TESOL.

Emil Pacha Kobeissi