A fascinating and eye-opening experience

I have really enjoyed doing the Trinity Dip TESOL with Oxford TEFL and highly recommend the course. The diploma has given me the necessary background knowledge on all the various teaching methods, most of which I was completely clueless before. The course encourages you to ‘experiment’ a little more within your own teaching so that you can discover the best way for your students to learn. It has also encouraged me to engage more with the wider ELT world and it has shown me how I can continue my professional development once the course had ended. Meeting other professionals from all over the world was a great experience as well. I have learnt a lot from my fellow ‘dippers’ and have benefited greatly from our weekly exchanges in the forum. A lot of times I found that what I believed to be true for teaching was more based on my own ideas and experiences but it was not necessarily proven by research. This was a fascinating and eye-opening experience. You also learn to reflect more on your own teaching style and to question more what you do. Overall it was a great experience and definitely worth the time and effort I put into it!