Alex Wallis – Leadership

The course on Leadership in ELT has been extremely useful for me, and much more enlightening and practical than I had imagined. The structure of the course and the tasks involved have had an impact on the way that I have worked and also given me the opportunity to implement the ideas in my current working situation. I have considered carefully the way that I work and how those around me work and how best to incorporate these so as to create interdependence and smoother-running working relationships. I also feel that I have clarified a lot of ideas and have come out of a “fog” in which I was unable to decipher or prioritise my roles and tasks. I am now capable of seeing what I have to do and have a better idea about how to do them. I have identified my strengths as a leader and been shown how to improve my weaker areas. I feel more confident when dealing with other teachers and my students and find myself using techniques and perspectives learned on the course in my current position as sumer school teacher. I find my time management to be better and my aims for each class or meeting to be much clearer than previously. I know that I am considering my teaching and my position amongst other teachers more carefully and believe my communication skills to have improved enormously.