Terms & Conditions – Trinity Dip TESOL

Trinity Dip TESOL—Terms & Conditions of Enrollment

Please note that enrollment on our courses is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Payments:
    1. One payment option—You pay the deposit and then the balance. The balance of course fees must be paid before the first day of the course.
    2. Four installments option—You pay the deposit before the course starts (equivalent to the first installment) to reserve your place. The next three installments will be paid on the dates specified in your Place Offer email. If a payment is not made by the due date you will be removed from the online course.
  2. If you cancel/ postpone the starting date of your Trinity Dip TESOL course giving:
    1. More than 2 weeks notice—you will forfeit a €150 administration fee. All other fees will be refunded.
    2. Less than 2 weeks notice—you will forfeit the deposit from the original fees paid. The remaining original fees will be valid for a future course to be started within one year.
  3. If you drop out during the course you are not entitled to any refund. 
  4. The place on any course and fees paid cannot be transferred to another person.
  5. Oxford TEFL cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal belongings.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel a course up to 2 weeks before the start date. In this case your full fees will be refunded (including deposit).
  7. If a visa is required for the face to face phase, it is your responsibility to contact us for any required documentation.
  8. As course provider, we reserve the right to defer putting you forward for your Trinity assessments if we feel you are not ready. 

Diploma LTCL examinations

Unit 1 The exam date will be decided after your mock exam and after speaking to the course director. There are three options per year, in May, August and November.

Unit 2 You will submit all three projects mid July. These projects are submitted electronically. You may request an extension until October but tutor support will not continue after mid July. To ask for an extension, email Nicola Meldrum, your course director. You can request extra support after mid July for a fee of €200.

Units 3 and 4 dates must be communicated to us at least 8 weeks prior to exam dates in order to be submitted. You will be contacted during the course with the options and with a reminder on when to send your decisions for your exam submissions. Entries received up to four weeks before the exam date will be subject to a surcharge of 50%. Entries received fewer than four weeks (28 days) before the examination will not be accepted. If a candidate fails to complete a minimum of 80% of the course work, Oxford TEFL reserves the right to refuse entry for assessment. This will be discussed on an individual basis with the candidate prior to the entry dates.


The fees for each of the four units of the examinations in 2018 are:

Examination UnitFee in € (Euros)
Unit 154.00€
Unit 284.00€
Unit 3132.00€
Unit 4247.00€


Examination UnitFee in € (Euros)
Unit 2 – Classroom observation instrument33.00€
Unit 2 – Developmental Record Project33.00€
Unit 2 – Research Project33.00€
Unit 4 – Internal lesson56.00€
  • Unit 4 fees: If a candidate fails the internal assessment only then the fee above applies.
  • If a candidate needs to resubmit the Teaching Practice Journal, a €100 fee will be charged for resubmission and marking.
  • If a candidate fails all the other sections in Unit 4 then the full fee applies.
  • Unit 2 fees: If a candidate fails on one of the sections in part 2 then the relevant section fee above applies. If a candidate requires additional support for unit 2, the fees are €200 for 3 extra hours.
  • Units 1 and 3: Candidates have to pay the full fee to resit these exams.
  • Trinity reserves the right to change fees without further notification.
  • If an applicant postpones any Unit of the examinations after the exam request form has been submitted, he/she will be declared absent and will have to pay the full Trinity fees for that exam again.