Leadership for ELT (old)

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for school managers or leaders in different ELT contexts. It will not only improve your confidence to lead others but will also help you work on self- leadership to improve your time management and personal development.

What will I do on this course?

The course is designed to take about 30 hours and you can do it over three or six weeks. You will complete three modules covering a range of topics. You will read articles, blogs and watch videos and then discuss the content with your tutor via forum discussions and live tutorials. For each module you have to complete an assignment. You can choose from a range of activities to suit your situation and experience.

The Trainer: Duncan has been teaching and training teachers for 25 years in Spain, the UK, France and the Czech Republic. He also works as a CertTESOL moderator for Trinity College, London.
  Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Module One: The leader in me Who am I? What am I like? What is leadership?
Module Two: Communication skills Listening & speaking Negotiating Getting feedback
Module Three: Leadership in organisations Managing time Motivating Working together

How will this course help me develop?

On this course you will develop your understanding of what leadership is and your own leadership style. Through role play and simulation activities you will develop your communication skills. Through case studies of typical challenges for teachers you will explore different approaches to problem solving.

Working with core leadership skills, this course applies those skills in contexts related to the work of a teacher, director of studies, course co-ordinator, administrator or school manager. You will become more aware of your role in managing your own development and influencing those around you and how to approach key ELT management challenges such as leading a team of teachers, communicating with clients and understanding the business context you work in.

Taking the Leadership Course has been a major step in my professional career. The techniques and skills I learned brought about real changes in the way I lead my team and manage my time. This in turn has lead to greater productivity, job satisfaction, a promotion and a pay rise! Slowly but surely, I have continued to develop professionally and become more comfortable in my new role and confident about the decisions I make. I have recommended this course not only to my colleagues in management, but also to the administrative staff and teachers. Continue reading

Claire Venables

Recommended reading

Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 1989, Franklin J Covey

Duncan Foord, The Developing Teacher 2009, DELTA Publishing

Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, Wikinomics: How mass collaboration changes everything 2008, Portfolio/Penguin