Teacher Development Courses Dates & Prices

These courses are 100% online during 3 weeks or 6 weeks (30 hours total). You will work in our online classroom and receive support from our personal tutors via Skype tutorials and feedback on tasks. A new course starts every Friday (subject to availability).

Business English350€Every FridayOnline
Teaching IELTS350€Every FridayOnline
CLIL350€Every FridayOnline
English for Academic Purposes350€Every FridayOnline
Teaching Cambridge Exam Classes350€Every FridayOnline
Leadership For ELT400€Every FridayOnline
Pronunciation350€Every FridayOnline
Young Learners (Prague face-to-face course listed below)350€Every FridayOnline

The Developing Teacher Course with Spanish

Develop your skills as a teacher for 20 hours a week during 1-12 months at our centre in Barcelona whilst learning Spanish. The course can be extended once you are in Spain.

Developing teacher with Spanish (€300 per month). Examples:
9 months – €2700
10 months – €3000
11 months – €3300
12 months – €3600


You can study this course for 1-12 months, simply choose a start date and then the relevant end date for the number of months you wish to study.

Start dates:End dates:
March 5th 2018April 6th 2018
April 9th 2018May 4th 2018
May 7th 2018June 1st 2018
June 4th 2018June 29th 2018
July 2nd 2018July 27th 2018
July 30th 2018August 24th 2018
September 3rd 2018September 28th 2018
October 1st 2018October 26th 2018
October 29th 2018November 23rd 2018
November 26th 2018December 14th 2018

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