TEFL Diploma Course Outline

Oxford TEFL’s Diploma course is externally validated by Trinity College London.

The course is blended and extremely flexible. You will combine an online phase of 6 months with 3 weeks face to face in Barcelona, Cadiz, Prague, Hong Kong, Kerala or in your own centre.

There are twenty, week long modules which you are expected to contribute to regularly, but the interaction is not scheduled, so you can log into the course throughout the week to suit your own working day. Each week one of our tutors will lead the module, interacting with you in forums and webinars to ensure maximum support and feedback. They will encourage, support and challenge you to develop to your full potential, while ensuring you are preparing effectively for the four assessed units. See below for details on these four units. Every four or five weeks you have a rest week with no module. 

The four, global areas we cover during the online phase are Learning, Teaching, Phonology and Language. See below for more details. If you would like to deepen your knowledge and practice of phonology before taking the Diploma, we recommend starting with our Advanced Teaching Phonology Course. Taking this short, online course will mean you are exempt from three of the four phonology modules on the Diploma.


For the online phase we use a virtual classroom to provide an interactive, supportive environment where all the course content is stored in one place.

You will be in small groups, maximum 16 participants, to ensure effective tutor support. The online classroom offers us opportunities to share experiences and ideas with each other through participating in forum discussions and webinars. The course is designed to help you implement the things you are learning, so from week one you will notice your development and see your lessons improving. You will also be thoroughly prepared for assessment, as each end of module assignment is graded using the Trinity assessment criteria. Your tutor will also give you written feedback to help you improve and prepare for the final assessments. 

The modules help prepare you for the four assessed units of the Diploma. Below are the areas we cover online.

Learning and teaching

  • Teachers
  • Learners
  • Methodology
  • Professional Development
  • Developing the four skills
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Technology
  • Assessment


  • The Phonemic Chart
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Word and sentence stress
  • Features of connected speech
  • Intonation
  • Phonology and English as an International Language


  • Describing language
  • Word grammar and sentence analysis
  • Grammar teaching
  • Discourse
  • Lexis

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Oxford TEFL program. It is comprehensive, the reading and assignments are very useful and you will have a chance to discuss issues with some of the leading lights in the ESL field. Continue reading

Michael Frost, UK

Face to face

You will do 3 weeks face to face after the online part of the course. In this time you will be assessed on your teaching and phonology knowledge and practice. You will be given plenty of support in planning lessons and will receive feedback from one of our tutors after each lesson. You will also have the opportunity to observe your colleagues and benefit from sharing good practice.

We will review phonology and give you a mock interview to prepare you for the phonology assessment.


There are four assessed units:

Unit 1: A 3 hour written exam.  You can take this in May, August or November. This can be taken in your hometown or in one of our centres.

Unit 2: 3 action research projects. You choose the subjects of these projects to suit your context and professional development goals. You work on these individually and are assigned a tutor who works with you to develop and complete these projects. 

Unit 3: A 30 minute phonology interview. You will deliver a short talk on an activity you have designed and delivered, transcribe a short listening and have a discussion of the theory and practice of phonology with a Trinity examiner. This unit is taken alongside the final externally assessed lesson, during the face to face part of the course.

Unit 4: Teaching Practice. You do five assessed lessons and write a teaching journal reflecting on your lessons. Four of the lessons are assessed by an OxfordTEFL tutor and the final lesson is assessed by a Trinity examiner. This is done during the three week face to face part of the course. There is also an option to be assessed in your own classes if you are located near one of our centres.

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