Trinity Diploma in TESOL

The Trinity Diploma in TESOL is an advanced qualification for those with at least 2 years experience. Transform your teaching and advance your career:

  • Study for 7 months online (about 10 hours per week) followed by 4 weeks face to face (full-time)  in Barcelona, Prague, Kerala, Cadiz or Hong Kong
  • Flexible: during the on line phase you study at the most convenient time for you. We schedule the course as 10 months, but you can take up to 3 years if you need more time.
  • Train in a positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • Learn from world class tutors, including Lindsay Clandfield, Scott Thornbury and Adrian Underhill
  • Transform your teaching and improve your chances of finding some of the best positions in ELT
  • Gain a prestigious, internationally-recognized qualification

Who is this course for?

The Trinity Diploma in TESOL is for English Language teachers (including primary and secondary school teachers).

  • with at least two years experience
  • working in private or public sector with language schools, universities or teaching privately.
  • who are looking for an advanced professional qualification in English Language Teaching

What is the course like?

The online phase

  • Seven months online training in our virtual classroom with a group of up to 16 fellow teachers and our team of tutors, participating in forums, webinars, live video classes and e mail exchanges with fellow students and tutors.
  • There are twenty, week-long modules (with some rest weeks in between!) lead by one of our tutor team which you are expected to contribute to regularly, but the interaction is not scheduled (other than a 45 live video class), so you can log into the course throughout the week to suit your own working day.
  • Start in October or January

What can I expect to learn during the on line phase?

Our goal is to provide a course which is dynamic and practical and meets the needs of the participants so your work in our virtual classroom will be backed up with tasks which get you to apply ideas in your own classroom. With a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors, the online modules will help you to deepen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills while preparing for the four assessed units of the Trinity Dip TESOL course:

  • Unit 1: Teacher Development and Language Awareness
  • Unit 2: Research projects
  • Unit 3: Phonology
  • Unit 4: Teaching practice

Read the full course syllabus

Face to face phase

This follows the on line phase. Four weeks face to face in Barcelona, Prague, Cadiz, Kerala or Hong Kong. There are various options for dates. This phase includes:

  • Teaching practice, including lesson planning, observation and feedback from tutors.
  • Time working individually and with support from tutors. You will have four internally assessed lessons and one externally with a Trinity examiner. You will also have an opportunity to be teaching without being assessed to get to know the students and get feedback and advice from tutors.
  • External assessment of phonology and teaching practice with Trinity examiner.

How will I be assessed?

There are four assessed units on The Trinity DipTESOL course. Unit 1 and Unit 3 are assessed by Trinity College and Unit 2 and Unit 4 by Trinity College and OxfordTEFL together.

  • Unit 1 – A written exam taken in one of our centres, or in another Trinity approved centre or British Council centre, in May, August or November. The paper is three hours long and consists of a grammar section and two sections with essay questions about teaching and learning.
  • Unit 2 – A coursework portfolio including three action research projects. The projects involve observation of other trained teachers, reflection on your own teaching and a research project where you collect data. You work on the portfolio throughout the course. You will need to base the reflection task on teaching a group or groups of at least 6 students for 15 hours in total
  • Unit 3 – A 30 minute interview with a Trinity examiner on phonetics and phonology.
  • Unit 4 – Assessment of your teaching of five one hour lessons, each preceded by a discussion of your lesson plan (10 minutes) and followed by a discussion of the lesson with the examiner (20 minutes). Four lessons are assessed by Oxford Tefl tutors, the fifth by a Trinity examiners. For this part of the exam you will be teaching students in one of our centres. You may be able to complete up to two of the Oxford TEFL assessed lessons via video with your regular students prior to the face to face part of the course.

The qualification

Once you have completed the course and passed the assessments you will be awarded the Trinity Diploma in TESOL. This is an internationally-recognized and respected advanced professional qualification for English Language Teaching. It can be used as credit for teachers wishing to study an MA in TESOL.

This qualification opens doors into other areas of the ELT profession. Our graduates have gone on to become:

See the required reading list for this course

Career support

  • We are committed to providing our graduates with the best lifelong careers support possible. We work with you before, during and after the course to help you secure a new job if that is your aim.
  • Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of our graduates find work all over the world. We have an Oxford TEFL Jobs Facebook page which is updated regularly with jobs around the world.
  • You can also stay in touch with our community of teachers, trainers and graduates by joining our Trinity DipTESOL Facebook group (exclusively for our teachers, graduates and trainers).

Read more about our careers service

Step 1: Complete the application form

Step 2: You will be contacted within one working day to arrange a telephone/ Skype interview with the course director. We will ask you about your teaching experience and language awareness to help decide whether this course is suitable for you. The interview is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the course and decide if it is right for you.

Step 3: If your interview is successful, we will email you a full place offer with information about how to reserve your place on the course by paying your deposit.

All of the fees for the course can be found on our Diploma dates and prices page.


At least two years full-time teaching experience (or equivalent) teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language. The experience can be with any age group or in any teaching context.


A Certificate in TESOL/CELTA and a degree or proof that you would be able to cope with a course of study at post degree level.

We offer two dates per year to begin the 7 month online phase: January and October. The face to face phase usually takes place in the summer.

We are also able to run alternative dates/locations where there are a minimum of 6 teachers interested. (For example in the cases of teachers from the same school or network of schools)