Free Teacher Development Workshops Prague March 2013

Please email if you are interested in attending.

Friday, March 1st: 13.00 – 15.00

Workshop 1—Getting There

Andrea Downing

This workshop will focus on developing your career in academic management, teacher training and materials production, looking at the qualifications and skills necessary. Bring your questions!

Workshop 2—Being There

Andrea Downing

Is teacher observation a dark art, a lucky dip or a scientific process? This workshop will examine the observation process from both the teacher’s and observer’s perspectives.

Friday, March 8th: 13.00 – 15.00

Workshop 1—Using Art in the ESL Classroom

Caitlin Walker

This workshop will provide you with new ways to use art in the classroom to maximize your students’ learning.  We will look at how to teach through visual activities and projects and help you foster creativity in your students.

Workshop 2—Tweet, wiki…what?

Sinéad Laffan

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Do you think it should be easy? It is! This workshop will look at some simple tools you can use in and of the classroom as well as giving you some hands-on experience of them.  Don’t be scared!

Friday, March 15th: 13.00 – 15.00

Workshop 1—Big Bang Teaching

Sean Hayward

Sean has been experimenting with using clips from the popular US sitcom The Big Bang Theory in his classes. We’ll look at some of the activities, consider the results, pros, cons and potential adaptations.  Participants are welcome to take away any of the materials. Bring  a flash drive!

Workshop 2—I’m before I am

David Young

Time and again I encounter teachers who either wholly or partially believe that students need to know “I am” before they learn the contraction.  Are we doing a disservice to our students? The session looks at how we can change both our beliefs and our practice to improve our students’ English more quickly.