Ekta Gupta

My Dream Teaching Job

We can be very negative as human beings and therefore selfish in how we are especially to each other. I want to move away from this and change this for myself and for others. I want to make myself and other people believe in better. To achieve their full potential and to keep on going, to show them there are more things than to life than what they may see on the news or from their upbringing. For me that come from what we learn and who we learn it from. It may not define who we are but it can be part of who we become. As a teacher my motivation would be helping people on this journey to enlightenment, providing both support and encouragement when needed. Therefore the following scholarship for a TEFL course in Prague would fulfil this vision I have.

I am particularly interested in TEFL because I feel that it embodies what teaching should be about, enabling communication between different countries and cultures. I believe that true intelligence comes from the sharing of knowledge, an especially important task in a globalising world. TEFL is a pathway into universal communication which is imperative to our social nature as a human being. Studying Psychology has enhanced my awareness and appreciation for methods to communicate collectively despite the various individual differences present.

In addition, I have witnessed the significance of being able to understand and speak English through watching my parents. Seeing my parents struggle to understand what to them was a foreign language, as well as the lack of support offered to them, has highlighted the importance of English and increased my motivation to provide others with the opportunities my parents never had.

I know the differences between bad and good teachers. I have been fortunate enough to have had that one teacher who has put in the extra time and effort to make sure their students achieve their full potentials. Shoot for the stars was her motto. She made me realise how hard I could work and how the impossible can be possible if you put your mind to it. This boost in my work-ethic has led me through my GCSES, ALEVELS and has now gained me a degree. I feel that without her help I would never have made it to the moon.

Using this personal experience and my work experiences I know I too will be self-motivated to be the best teacher I can be for the pupils. My previous work experiences demonstrate me as a confident and forward team-player, where I will make sure to maintain a healthy and stable dynamics within a group. Furthermore, I would describe myself as being a hardworking and ambitious individual who will strive to complete all tasks to the highest possible standard. By giving me this opportunity, I will not fail to disappoint you or the students I teach.

I have worked at a camp in the USA, which included Spanish, French and Japanese speakers, and therefore have experience with communicating across the language barrier I can understand being a TEFL instructor would requireexceptional levels of patience, which I feel I’ve demonstrated through my volunteering role with ChildLine. Working with the NSPCC required usage of verbal and written communication in a format that was supportive along with constructive advice. This role also needed me to use excellent communication to build trust and a safe space for the contact to feel comfortable to talk in. I have used these abilities to different age groups as I have worked with the University of Birmingham with the support service they provide. . This skillset I believe is relevant in becoming a successful TEFL instructor, in terms of creating a non-judgemental environment for experimenting a new language for the pupil.

I have understood being a teacher can be hard-work and stressful at times. My experience working in a children’s hospital, where I had to deal with seriously ill infants, has taught me how to remain calm under emotional pressure and inspired me to work the hardest I can.  I live my life by the saying (of which I am fond) ‘our greatest glory is in not in never failing but in rising every-time we fall’. Such sayings I have mentioned, I would like to portray this in my teachings so the students can utilise this in their own work-ethic too.

Finally why Prague? I have a desire to travel and see the world. Life is too short to be situated in one place and being exclusive to one culture. I want to explore and be part of this beautiful diverse world we have despite what the media says! I thrive of challenging myself. Having this opportunity of immersing myself in a non-English country is something I have yet to do and why wait any longer to do this. Having heard from my sister about her visit to this magnificent city which appears to be exquisite in history. I can’t imagine any other city could compete with a John Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge or the unique cuisine Prague provides! I am eager to learn as much Czech as possible, I wish to share this urge with TEFL students with regards to learning English. In conclusion, this opportunity would allow me to continue the dream of self-learning and helping others to learn too.