Trinity DipTESOL Overview Webinar

Watch our new webinar and learn how the Trinity DipTESOL course can transform your teaching and your career.

Nicola Meldrum, Course Director, explains how she can help you advance your career in ELT and reveals our top name tutors who you will work directly with you during this course.

You will learn:

  • ​How this course is one of the best possible steps in your ELT career
  • How this course is of equal recognition and depth but stands apart from the Cambridge Delta
  • How Oxford TEFL has become the leading Trinity DipTESOL course provider in Europe
  • How this course is suitable for teachers working in many different contexts
  • How our world-class team of expert tutors provide a unique level of support
  • How we ensure we provide you with the best possible chance of passing your exams successfully
  • How our graduates have transformed their teaching and careers
  • How our ongoing support and graduate community opens more possibilities for you