Dates & Prices: Face-to-face Teacher Development

The Developing Teacher with Spainish

  • 20 hours a week

Start dates

End dates

7th January 1st February
4th February 1st March
4th March 29th March
1st April 3rd May
6th May 31st May
3rd June 28th June
1st July 26th July
29th July 23rd August
2nd September 27th September
30th September 25th October
28th October 22nd November
25th November 20th December

Specialised workshops

  • 4 hours (11.00 – 16.00 with break)

Our specialised workshops are usually given on one Saturday each month and the content of the workshops can be adapted to the participant’s needs and levels of experience.

Teacher Coaching Program

  • 10 hours (flexible)

This course was by our teachers and trainers to help recently qualified TEFL teachers. The aim is to offer support and guidance in the first few stages of teaching professionally in any English language training setting.