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From Prague to Montpellier

John Dodge, one of our Trinity CertTESOL graduates from the U.S, sheds some light on why he took this course, what his students are like and …Mexican food.

Teach English Prague

  1. Which location and date did you take your Trinity CertTESOL?

Prague, June 2008

  1. Why did you choose that location?

I just did a lot of research on all the different programs and the more I looked, the more Oxford TEFL Prague stuck out for me.

  1. Where are you now?

Since Prague, I spent over 2 years in Dublin where I did a masters and now I’ve settled in the south of France in Montpellier. Even though public transport here is excellent, I’m living in the center so I can walk everywhere.

  1. Why did you choose to go to Prague?

Honestly, I didn’t know a lot about it before – just some history. But I have two good friends who had been there – one even for a TEFL course – and I followed their recommendation. They were right!

  1. Was it easy to find work?

It was. I remember, after I decided to stay in Prague, it took about two weeks to find work.

  1. Where are you working and for how many hours?

I’m teaching at Victoria’s English in Montpellier. A really great school! It depends on the period, but I teach anywhere from 15 to 35 hours a week. Those 35 hour weeks are rough…

graduate TEFL story

  1. What type of classes do you teach?

You name it. All levels, individuals, groups, exam preparation, Business English intensives.

  1. What are your students like?

Really great! Most are unemployed, which really adds something to my work. Learning English is extremely important for them. They’re motivated and have a lot at stake. Everyone has their own unique project. I meet all kinds of people. Fire fighters, FBI agents (the French equivalent, of course), philosophers, authors, journalists, musicians. That might be my favorite part of the job.

  1. What is the pay like?

It’s about 18 euros an hour all included. It’s enough.

  1. What do you miss most about home?

Besides friends and family… Mexican food!

  1. What do you usually do at the weekend now?

Usually I take day trips to explore our beautiful region. There’s always something going on in the city too.

  1. Where do you plan to go next?

I’ve settled here. Don’t think I could ever find a better place!

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