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Body Language Teaching

7 Tips for Helping Students Develop their Body language in the ELT Classroom

Body language has long been seen by communications specialists as a key component of the way we interact with others, with researchers claiming that anything between 50 and 80% of all communication happens through non-verbal communication. Glenn Wilson – Author … Continue reading

Teaching young learners

Essential Skills for Teaching Young Learners

A knowledge of English is now considered a basic life skill in many contexts, and as a result it is increasingly being offered to more and younger learners. If you have just finished your initial teacher training and are about … Continue reading

Carbon footprint ELT

How can we reduce our climate/carbon/plastic footprints across the ELT profession?

  Mariam Oganesian is a TEFL-qualified English teacher, linguist, owner and CEO of a language school called “M-GROUP” in the Ukraine. She also has a master’s degree in ELT and Pedagogics and is a graduate of our Leadership in ELT … Continue reading

Teaching business English

Top tips for overcoming common challenges when teaching Business English

Are you worried about starting to teach Business English (“BE”) because you have mainly taught Young Learners so far in your career? Or are you feeling a little jaded and need some inspiration to keep your in-company classes fresh? This … Continue reading

Leadership in ELT. What makes a good communicator?

In the second of three articles on Leadership, Duncan Foord looks at how teachers can develop their communication skills by transferring the approach they use in the classroom to those important conversations they need to have in the big bad … Continue reading