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Why positive feedback is important!

Imagine being managed by someone who constantly offers constructive positive feedback and praise, someone who appreciates your hard work and takes time to make you aware of that. Would you feel motivated to carry on to the best of your … Continue reading

Mother Teresa’s Rough Guide to Leadership

In a couple of weeks I’ll be embarking upon my biggest challenge yet in the world of ELT – becoming a full time DOS for the first time and setting up an Academic Department completely from scratch at Kaplan International … Continue reading

Facebook group for Diploma graduates

Are you an Trinity Diploma in TESOL graduate? We have opened a new Facebook group just for you! With this group you will be able to do a post, share and link, and much more. Be sure to find us … Continue reading

New book for EFL teachers by Duncan Foord and Daniel Barber

Our very own Duncan Foord, director of Oxford TEFL, has written another book!  From English Teacher to Learner Coach is for all trypes of English class and promises to give your teaching a coaching twist! How? This book is for EFL … Continue reading

Getting your identity card (N.I.E) in Spain

So you finally made up your mind and moved to Spain to do a TEFL course, teach English or study Spanish? You’ll love it here! Barcelona is a gorgeous city with an endless offer of cultural activities, nightlife, gastronomy, lovely … Continue reading