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Leadership in ELT. What makes a good communicator?

In the second of three articles on Leadership, Duncan Foord looks at how teachers can develop their communication skills by transferring the approach they use in the classroom to those important conversations they need to have in the big bad … Continue reading

Nicola Meldrum

What is the Trinity DipTESOL unit 3 phonology interview like and how can you pass it?

Developing how to teach pronunciation is one of the main reasons teachers choose the Trinity Dip TESOL over the DELTA. As course director, I interview all candidates for our Diploma course and find it interesting it is still the area … Continue reading

Chris Graham

Blinded by the light – understanding and reducing the environmental impact of ELT.

Article by Christopher Graham I was quite surprised to be asked to write this blog. I am, after all, a car-driving, frequent-flying, meat-eating, supermarket-shopping kind of person. Like so many other people, but with a lot more flying. And, like … Continue reading

Managing teacher confidence

In the classroom I often say that my job is not to teach English: it’s to boost students’ confidence so that they can use what they know to their best of their ability, and feel ready to learn more. I … Continue reading

9 Tools for Making the Classroom Paperless

There are many reasons for making your classroom paperless. Beyond the ecological ones of saving paper and hours of time and stress spent in front of a photocopier to produce multiple handouts that end up forgotten in a folder somewhere. … Continue reading