The Oxford TEFL Tutors

Mark McKinnon

Course tutor Mark is a teacher, trainer and materials writer. He has written supplementary materials for Global, Straightforward and He has a special interest in senior learners and co-wrote two articles on the subject for the journal English Teaching … Continue reading

Martina Válková

Senior Office Manager Martina is currently studying at economic university and spends her free time mostly with friends. Her hobbies are swimming and traveling. She has worked in Oxford House since 2016 and she especially appreciates the daily communication with … Continue reading

Neil McMillan

Neil joined Oxford TEFL in January 2011 following a career in further education (Adult ESOL) in his native Scotland. Continue reading

Nicola Meldrum

Course Director Nicola started her teaching career in Barcelona, Spain in 1999 taking her Cert TESOL at OxfordTEFL. She then went on to do the Dip TESOL course with OxfordTEFL. She is still based there and is now a freelance teacher … Continue reading

Rachel Williams

Course Coordinator and Careers Advisor Rachel was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In 2016 she completed the Trinity Cert TESOL in Prague after two years teaching at an international school in the United Arab Emirates. She is interested in helping … Continue reading