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“Taking the Oxford TEFL course has been one of the most worthwhile experiences in my life.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and because of the course, I feel fully prepared to enter the world of TEFL.  It is definitely an intense course, but you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone I meet who is interested in learning how to teach EFL.” Jennifer Kleffman

Jennifer Kleffman
About Jennifer Kleffman

Barcelona, April 2011

“After studying at Oxford TEFL I feel thoroughly prepared for life in TEFL.  While the course is extremely intensive, it is worth it in the end!” Simon Butterfield

Simon Butterfield
About Simon Butterfield

Barcelona, March 2011

“The course is very well run, the tutors are very helpful.  It was a great experience!” Ciaran Henry

Ciaran Henry
About Ciaran Henry

Barcelona, March 2011

“Overall, I have really enjoyed the course from start to finish. The staff at Oxford are all really personable and willing to help; this applies even when they are not strictly working. The course is well structured and set out.   Personally, I appreciated the use of deadlines, and also having a mid-course appraisal. I found the feedback beneficial and helpful, receiving guidance and advice from qualified teachers. It was effective for improving my own teaching.  Given that the course is pretty intense and that I never felt like having a mental breakdown, is testament to the good staff and running of Oxford TEFL.” Kay Laundy

Kay Laundy
About Kay Laundy

Prague, February 2011

“I feel that I’ve learned a lot about every aspect of language and teaching.  At the same time, I now realize how much I didn’t know. I think this is a good thing.  It was definitely intense, but it needed to be in order to cram so much in only a month.  I feel like I’ve accomplished something very special. I also appreciated the wonderful personalities and care of each trainer; they helped to provide a fun, welcoming environment” Evan Iannitti

Evan Iannitti
About Evan Iannitti

Prague, February 2011

“Oxford TEFL was one of the most challenging but worthwhile experiences.  I learned so much about teaching, English, people and Spain.  I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to grow as a person.  Be prepared for intensity.” Grisel Famania

Grisel Famania
About Grisel Famania

Barcelona, January 2011

“A very intensive course! But you will be amazed at the pesonal growth you go through in the span of one month.  The tutors were also very helpful and approachable.” Katherine Dube

Katherine Dube
About Katherine Dube

Barcelona, January 2011

“The tutors here are excellent! Cat, Violeta and Nicola provided great teaching models and gave articulate, useful feedback.  It´s the best professional development I’ve had in years.” Christine Kauffman

Christine Kauffman
About Christine Kauffman

Barcelona, October 2010

“The tutors here are excellent! Cat, Violeta and Nicola provided great teaching models and gave articulate, useful feedback.  It´s the best professional development I’ve had in years.” Christine Kauffman

Christine Kauffman
About Christine Kauffman

Barcelona, October 2010

“Completing the course is one of the most rewarding feelings I´ve had.  Make no mistake, it is demanding and at times you may feel you are not cut out for teaching.  But stick with it… you´ll know why when you finish!” Dominic Holmes

Dominic Holmes
About Dominic Holmes

Barcelona, October 2010

I would recommend this course to anyone considering teaching English.  The teaching is top class and the practical experience gained on the course is invaluable.  It´s a lot of work and very demanding at time, but although it doesn´t always feel like it at the time, the projects and tutoring cover areas essential for developing your skills as a teacher.  Overall, a great course to do.” Oliver Lowe

Oliver Lowe
About Oliver Lowe

Barcelona, September 2010

This course prepared me more than I ever expected. The tutors are incredibly helpful and understanding. I never felt pressured or judged. I came with no experience and now I feel comfortable to go out and teach. The Oxford TEFL is the way to go!” Alicia Taylor

Alicia Taylor
About Alicia Taylor

Barcelona, August 2010

“The OxfordTEFL course was amazing. It definitely has helped prepare me for the world of teaching English. I am glad I chose Trinity overall.” Maria Gutierrez

Maria Gutierrez
About Maria Gutierrez

Barcelona, August 2010

“I would definitely recommend Oxford TEFL, the tutors were great, I really enjoyed the course. It was really hard work but an excellent experience.” Krissie McCarthy

Krissie McCarthy
About Krissie McCarthy

Barcelona, August 2010

“I am surprised at how much more knowledge and experience I have gained from this course in only one month. I now feel very well prepared and excited about starting my career as a teacher.” Naomi Timothy

Naomi Timothy
About Naomi Timothy

Barcelona, August 2010

“When you say “intense course,” you really mean it! I don’t think I’ve been this busy since exam weeks during college, a feeling I have not missed for a year and a half! The staff was friendly and willing to help but I appreciate being treated as a responsible and capable adult. The pub nights were a great stress relief. The help with finding jobs/ CV workshop was excellent – that’s why I’m employed right now. I will be using my experience at Oxford TEFL for many years to come, no matter what my profession may be.” Catherine Brzycki

Catherine Brzycki
About Catherine Brzycki

Prague, August 2010

“The course was well thought out, providing the essential information and advise to become a successful teacher, through input sessions, valuable feedback from teacher practice, and generally a great training foundation. Despite my struggles in the beginning, I found the level and system hugely beneficial. The challenge never got to be too much as the support the tutors gave really helped a lot. The course had the right balance of a friendly, informal atmosphere, and a motivating learning and teaching environment. I was surprised at the intensity of the course, the long hours and amount of workload (mountains of pro formas!), and though at the time, I felt pushed in and a little out of my depth, it was a great learning experience. The satisfaction of getting through the challenges of the course made it so worthwhile and gave me a real sense of achievement. I learned a lot, feel like I got a great start, and gained the confidence to teach.” Kate Melia

Kate Melia
About Kate Melia

Prague, August 2010

“I have enjoyed the course very much. The tutors and school have all been very positive and supportive. The course is well structured and has given me a very good grounding on which is built for the future.” Geraldine Andrews

Geraldine Andrews
About Geraldine Andrews

Part time TESOL Course Barcelona, April - July 2010

“I found this course extremely useful. The tutors were very well prepared and easily accessible. The director was available all the time for questions and support and was very encouraging and helpful with the projects and assignments. The schedule is perfect for somebody who wants to work at the same time. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get an excellent training experience.” Ximena Soto

Ximena Soto
About Ximena Soto

Part time TESOL Course Barcelona, April - July 2010

“I found the course absolutely helpful. The tutors were knowledgeable, supportive and always available. If you’ve developed some bad habits regarding teaching, this course is great to unlearn those habits. You will find the requirement for self-reflection on your teaching style, lesson planning really invaluable even if you’ve been teaching for many many years!” Sandy Nelsen

Sandy Nelsen
About Sandy Nelsen

Barcelona, June 2010

“The OxfordTEFL course was an amazing experience. The course is fun and informative, the tutors extremely supportive and helpful. Their advice and experience was invaluable during the course and will surely help me during my teacher career to come.” Kristeen Amato

Kristeen Amato
About Kristeen Amato

Barcelona, April 2010

“Felt the Oxford TEFL Certificate course has prepared me 100% for the teaching profession. All the classes were challenging, fun and hugely beneficial to my learning. The tutors and general support network that the school provides is superb, and the atmosphere is friendly and efficient. I enjoyed every minute of this course despite the heavy workload and steep learning curve. I would recommend this to anyone interested in teaching, people and a life-style job.” Kerry Liefeld

Kerry Liefeld
About Kerry Liefeld

Barcelona, April 2010

The course is intensive, but the friendly and welcoming working and learning environment help you along with the workload and stress. The tutors are so helpful and easily accessible! I never once felt like I was on my own!” Stacy Anne De Vera

Stacy Anne De Vera
About Stacy Anne De Vera

Barcelona, March 2010

“It’s been a great experience, no doubt I’d recommend taking this course for any person who wants to teach English, be it as a hobby or really thinking to pursue a TEFL career. Great tutors, amazing atmosphere.” Alex D.

Alex D.
About Alex D.

Barcelona, February 2010

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been quite intense but I have found it to be very rewarding. I have met some really great people and think that all the tutors have been very supportive. I don´t think that I could have asked for any more from a course and would highly recommend it to anyone who was thinking of doing it.” Tara Mooney

Tara Mooney
About Tara Mooney

Barcelona, February 2010

The course is a great way to start a career in teaching English. From the first day you develop the confidence to teach and in 4 weeks you learn a great deal. It is very intensive but well worth it!” Oliver McAdam

Oliver McAdam
About Oliver McAdam

Barcelona, February 2010

“I have learned a lot on this course. It is intense and hard work but well worth doing. Everyone on the course is really friendly and supportive and I am glad that I chose to do the course here in Barcelona.” Narin Cakir

Narin Cakir
About Narin Cakir

Barcelona, January 2010

“An excellent course which teaches you as much about yourself as it does about teaching. Whilst you arrive with pre-conceived ideas about teaching, it is never quite the same when you face up to 15 or more students. You then realize it is down to you to motivate and teach them and the reality of the whole experience hits you. I found the four weeks very fulfilling and have learnt an enormous amount about teaching techniques and the importance of rapport.” Kevin Wilford

Kevin Wilford
About Kevin Wilford

Barcelona, November 2009

“A lot of hard work goes into the course, they mean it when they say intense” but it is a very rewarding experience as you get to see results first hand, when students leave the class using grammar/vocab you have taught them it definitely gives a very good feeling. Great way to meet people, everyone becomes very close and I am sure I’ll be back to visit soon!” Marianna Xenakis

Marianna Xenakis
About Marianna Xenakis

Barcelona, October 2009

“I was really inspired by the skills displayed by the tutors. The techniques we’d studied were illustrated in the lessons I’d observed. The feedback was honest and done in a really constructive way – thanks! The Young Learner’s session was fabulous – a real insight into the different techniques needed and the ways the learning can be conducted. The deadlines were well spaced throughout the course, giving plenty of time to complete the assignments. The level of guidance for the first lesson did vary from tutor to tutor. I felt it should have been the same for each student. Overall though, really enjoyed it all – thank you.” Karen Mee

Karen Mee
About Karen Mee

Prague, October 2009

“Observations from students and feedback after teaching. It was great to see how others worked, help shape me as a better teacher I believe. I like how we started teaching right away, it forced us to adapt quickly! In the past four weeks not only did I gain knowledge on teaching, I learned more about myself. I grew not only as a teacher, but as a person. It was an intense four weeks but the experience was life-changing. It was the ride of a lifetime! If i could recommend it to anyone I would!” Kaitlyn Venezia

Kaitlyn Venezia
About Kaitlyn Venezia

Barcelona, September 2009

“I found the feedback after our TP the most helpful part of the course (apart from the TP itself!) Comments were constructive and very helpful. I liked that we were given the opportunity to say what we felt about the TP session as well. Observing: Observing others in my TP and being observed by them was really good. Learning from others’ strenghts and weaknesses as well as hearing their feedback on mine definitely improved my teaching.” Polly Winch

Polly Winch
About Polly Winch

Barcelona, August 2009

“I spent a lot of time researching potential TEFL courses in Prague to attend. Narrowing my choices down to two; I chose Oxford TEFL on a coin toss! I could not be more satisfied with my choice and would be dissapointed had I not gone with Oxford. The staff is not only experienced, but delightfully friendly and upbeat! With a course that is so intense, it is admirable that the staff can make the month seem like more of an adventure rather than 4 weeks of class, homework, yada yada. I should also mention that they are absolutely hilarious!! It’s hard to be bummed out about much because you’re constantly surrounded with their corky British humour. My overall expectations were far surpassed, and I appreciate the effort put into personally relating to each of us “trainees” and providing with the support we needed. THANKS GUYS! YOU ROCK!” Barbara Padour

Barbara Padour
About Barbara Padour

Prague, July 2009

“I was very happy with the course. Anna, Violeta, Nicola and Duncan all made the experience very enjoyable. The class is hard work, but well worth it. I am very confident in my ability to teach English.” Joseph N. Schmidt III

Joseph N. Schmidt III
About Joseph N. Schmidt III

Barcelona, May 2009

“I enjoyed the course and met some wonderful people who I hope to keep in touch with throughout their world travels. OxfordTEFL is beautiful and is located in the perfect location within Barcelona. The assignments helped solidify the learning points. I really enjoyed the Macedonian course!” Penny O'Kelley

Penny O'Kelley
About Penny O'Kelley

Barcelona, April 2009

“Teaching was awesome. Learned loads from Anna/Violeta. They have made me into a teacher! Generally useful assignments. Learner profile made lots of sense. Very relevant to course. C.V. audit by Nicola was very good, thank you!” Oliver Roper

Oliver Roper
About Oliver Roper

Barcelona, April 2009

“I enjoyed the structure of the lessons outside of the teaching practice. These gave you ideas for different approaches to use in the classroom. The teachers were excellent and so supportive, there is a lot of work to do but they are happy to give advice at every stage through the course. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in teaching.” Erin Matheson

Erin Matheson
About Erin Matheson

Barcelona, March 2009

“I thought that the whole course worked well. It was well structured and professionally run by a team of friendly, approachable tutors. The teaching practice thrusts you into the fray from day 3, but in a controlled environment. There is no substitute for going in front of the class like the course makes you do from an early stage. The assignments were demanding but very useful in making me think what the business of being a teacher is all about. The course has increased my confidence and that will serve me well in whatever line of work I am in. I would highly recommend it.” David Hagan

David Hagan
About David Hagan

Barcelona, March 2009

“Assignment instructions and requirements were well explained and with examples, input sessions fed into the assignments well. Tutors were very supportive and helpful in giving feedback and suggestions to improve teaching skills and lessons. SLP sessions with tutor available to answer Qs and give guidance (i.e. close on hand if needed). Great to actually start teaching in first week and good to get such practical experience.” Lana Thornycroft

Lana Thornycroft
About Lana Thornycroft

Barcelona, February 2009

“I was very impressed with the organisation and structure of the course. Each week built on the previous week’s knowledge and, coupled with the intensive teacher training time, the course was quite effective and efficient. The hands-on experience was very good, and I appreciated the great attitude and energy of the staff at OxfordTEFL.” Brian Mauleon

Brian Mauleon
About Brian Mauleon

Barcelona, January 2009

“Everything was incredibly well organised, such a high level of professionalism from absolutely every teacher. Amazing level of co-ordination and communication between everyone. Thank you everyone at OxfordTEFL! I came on a recommendation and I will certainly be recommending to others.” Ben Craven

Ben Craven
About Ben Craven

Barcelona, January 2009

“I feel that the dynamic between the tutors and the trainees went very well. I always felt that I could go to the tutors and receive help. Everyone at the school is very warm and welcoming. I would recommend this course to anyone who has ever had an ambition to teach or anyone who is up for a rewarding challenge!” Liz García

Liz García
About Liz García

Barcelona, November 2008

“The course is generally well organised and well taught. All tutors are friendly and very helpful and very knowledgeable. It’s hard work, but I loved every single day. Unknown language learning was a really useful experience! So was the learner’s profile project!” María Linzey

María Linzey
About María Linzey

Barcelona, September 2008

“I enjoyed getting examples of previous projects and feedback sessions for our projects towards the end of the course. I also enjoyed watching teachers (Mark, Christine) teach. Both of these teachers seem very experienced and I had positive feedback sessions with both of them. I was initially scared to teach on the 3rd day of the course, but I ultimately appreciated all of the classroom/teaching time that I did receive. The structure of the course was great, I felt like we were well taken care of and progressed in a positive manner. I really enjoyed all of the work, even though it was intense!” Amanda Skaley

Amanda Skaley
About Amanda Skaley

Barcelona, August 2008

“Nice variety of experienced tutors with various teaching techniques and opinions on teaching. Excellent insight from practice teaching feedback incredibly helpful! Helpful projects, Learner Profile, Unknown Language Journal and Materials lesson gave a well rounded view of EFL teaching. Great support and understanding from staff at OxfordTEFL. They really want to see you succeed!” Meghann Guthrie

Meghann Guthrie
About Meghann Guthrie

July 2008 - Barcelona

“Very well structured and organised. Tutors very knowledgeable and helpful.” Rich Lucey (UK)

Rich Lucey (UK)
About Rich Lucey (UK)

March 2008 - Barcelona

“I feel very confident in the classroom after taking this course. Having never taught before, I am amazed with how much was covered in just one month. I enjoyed working with my peers on the course and the tutors as well. I am really glad I gave this course a shot because I feel that teaching English really suits my personality.” Andrea Packard (USA)

Andrea Packard (USA)
About Andrea Packard (USA)

Barcelona, February 2008

“Tutors are great, they are really helpful, supportive and encouraging. The classes are really fun – the students are too! I have met people from all over the world, all walks of life, and have really enjoyed making such good friends. The work-load associated with teaching the amount I have is a lot, however, I feel completely confident and ready to walk into a classroom and teach.” Emily Evans

Emily Evans
About Emily Evans

Barcelona, January 2008