Trinity Certificate in TESOL

Teach English as Foreign Language (TEFL) and work anywhere in the world.

Our four-week, 134-hour intensive TEFL course with teaching practice offers:


  • Accreditation by Trinity College London.

    trinity-college-london-logoThe Trinity Certificate in TESOL is a qualification recognised by the British Council and by schools worldwide. Other TEFL programs may have little recognition beyond the centre or city where the course is offered.

  • 5 exciting locations: Barcelona, Prague, Kerala (India), London & Cadiz.

    Our training schools are in central locations in cities which are great for studying in and for finding TEFL jobs for those who wish to work in language teaching.

  • World-class team of trainers

    All our trainers hold a Trinity Diploma/DELTA qualification. They are qualified to train TEFL teachers, as well as teach English. They offer expertise in the world of TESOL/TEFL, as well as support and experience.

  • A range of specialised extension courses

    Designed to follow on directly from your Cert course, these exclusive 1-day intensive courses focus on specialised areas of TEFL teaching: Business English, Young Learners & Technology in the Classroom.

  • Job support.

    We have dedicated TEFL careers advisers in each of our training schools, contacts with language schools worldwide and our oxfordtefljobs facebook page will allow you to find the best opportunities available.

  • Great value for money.

    Oxford TEFL’s Trinity Cert TESOL is competitively priced in all our locations, and includes a free 20-hour pre-course task. Low-cost accommodation is available.

Trainee testimonials

Helpful feedback

The staff at Oxford are all really personable and willing to help… the feedback is beneficial and helpful… [as is] receiving guidance and advice from qualified teachers. It was effective for improving my own teaching.
Kay Laundy

Intensive but enjoyable

The course was intensive but very enjoyable, and the tutors went above and beyond the call of duty to help their students get the most out of it.
Victoria Franklin

Worth every penny

Oxford TEFL’s Cert TESOL course is the most worthwhile four weeks I have ever had.
Laura Body

I love Oxford TEFL

I can guarantee that people will not be disappointed with Oxford TEFL if they are serious about making a career in TEFL. I love Oxford TEFL.
Matthew Andrewes

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Oh, and did we mention..?

It’s a lot of fun!

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