Training The Trainer course

The Trainer:

Anna joined Oxford TEFL in September 2001. Her love of (nearly) all things Spanish brought her to Barcelona. She has a BA (Hons) degree in European Business and Spanish as well as the Trinity Dip. TESOL

Includes tutor support via:

  • Weekly Skype chat (20 minutes)
  • Feedback on tasks
  • Email support

Aim of the course

The course aims to prepare teacher trainers working on Trinity TESOL Certificate courses, but the skills can be applied to other training scenarios (e.g. CELTA courses, teacher development courses and workshops).

By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of how to approach teacher training courses. The content is hands-on and will include practical ideas and material you can use in a variety of training situations.

Is the Training the Trainer course for you?

This course is suitable for

  • Trinity TESOL Diploma or DELTA graduates who would like to work as teacher trainers on a Trinity Cert TESOL course (or similar) or
  • Experienced teachers or Directors of Studies who would like to develop skills in training teachers, such as creating workshops, mentoring, observing and giving feedback.
Please note:
This is a blended course, with face-to-face sessions in week 2.
The minimum level of English for this course is C1.

Course Content

I found everything I learnt on the Training the Trainer course very helpful and useful. I would single out the tutors’ effectiveness in getting the ideas across to enable maximum practical work.  They were also highly professional and approachable, allowing enough … Continue reading

Violeta Stefanovska, Macedonia

A practical, blended 3 week course focusing on areas of teacher training such as

  • teacher observation
  • feedback
  • input
  • project work
  • lesson planning
  • troubleshooting
  • pastoral care

This is a  one to one or small group course course with a tutor mentor who will support you through observations, feedback and tutorials

Week 14 hours of online work.

The first week involves 2 separate tasks.

  • A task to get you familiar with the course contents of the Trinity TESOL Certificate
  • A reflective task on why you will make a good teacher trainer
Week 2Face-to-face work in our centre (25 hours).

The week will be spent shadowing tutors in teaching practice and input sessions on the Trinity TESOL course (25 hours). You will also be required to

  • assist in trainees’ lesson planning
  • lead an input session given to trainees
  • observe trainee teachers and give them feedback
  • receive training sessions on ‘Giving feedback’, ‘How to plan training sessions’, ‘Troubleshooting’

The face-to-face week runs for five days from 10.00am. to 5.30pm (times may change).

Week 34 hours of follow-up work online.

You will be set 3 tasks to be submitted at the end of the week.

  • The Trainer Journal
  • Trainer Development Project
  • Project Marking

Throughout this week you will be supported online by your tutor.

Assessment and certification

To pass the course and receive the certificate you will have to:

  • Complete 100% of the course tasks to a satisfactory standard.

The Training the Trainer Certificate will state that you have passed the course, outline the components of the course in detail and state the length of the course.Certificates are emailed to the address given on the application form within 14 days of course completion. Those requested to be received by post will incur an additional charge of €10.

The trainers

Our team of trainers have specialist experience in a variety of English language teaching contexts as well as teacher training. As well as being tutors on this course, they participate on the TESOL certificate courses and the Diploma course run at the school.

Recommended reading

Classroom Observation Tasks,Ruth Wajnryb
Practical Techniques for Language Teaching, Michael Lewis and Jimmie Hill
Learning to Teach English, Peter Watkins
The Developing Teacher, Duncan Foord, Delta Publishing

The following journal offers useful material and articles

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