Leadership for ELT

The Trainer:

Duncan has been teaching and training teachers for 25 years in Spain, the UK, France and the Czech Republic. He also works as a CertTESOL moderator for Trinity College, London.


Includes tutor support via:


  • Weekly Skype chats
  • Feedback on tasks
  • Email support


Aim of the course


You will develop your understanding of what leadership is and your own leadership style. Through role play and simulation activities you will develop your communication skills. Through case studies of typical challenges for teachers you will explore different approaches to problem solving.

Working with core leadership skills, this course applies those skills in contexts related to the work of a teacher, director of studies, course co-ordinator, administrator or school manager.

You will become more aware of your role in managing your own development and influencing those around you and how to approach key ELT management challenges such as leading a team of teachers, communicating with clients and understanding the business context you work in.

Is the Leadership for ELT course for you?

As someone who has taken on leadership roles, I highly recommend this course to anybody involved in English Language Teaching looking to discover the leader within. The personalized virtual tutorials set this course apart from other online offerings and maximizes your learning experience.

Adrian Aguirre, Ecuador
, September, 2013

The Leadership in ELT course proved to be just the course I was looking for… and I highly recommend it.

Sam Weavers

I would recommend this course to anyone taking their first steps into academic management. Highly motivating and well-organised.

Matthew Spragg

Being an effective teacher, teacher trainer or ELT manager entails more than understanding and applying materials and techniques. To maximise your impact on your learners and colleagues, to increase your own job satisfaction and to contribute to your profession to the full it is important to reflect on and develop self leadership and the leadership of others. This course will give you practical tools and ideas for developing your leadership skills.

This course is for language teachers, ELT managers and admin staff and freelance professionals.

The techniques and skills I learned brought about real changes in the way I lead my team and manage my time. This in turn has lead to greater productivity, job satisfaction, a promotion and a pay rise! … I have recommended this course not only to my colleagues in management, but also to the administrative staff and teachers. Continue reading

Claire Venables

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Course content

The tasks are varied, dynamic and practical allowing you to take them straight into your classroom. One of our experienced teacher trainers will be working closely with you to give you oral and written feedback on all the work you submit.


There are three modules:


Module one: The Leader in me


Discover and reflect on your strengths, your personality traits and your communication style. Consider typical challenges you are facing at work at present to help you establish a practical agenda, case studies that you can use to apply the tools and insights you discover on this course.


Module two: Communication skills


Consider what makes a good communicator and how you can improve Develop your skills and awareness in planning and holding effective conversations, as we focus on listening and talking, on negotiating and on getting feedback.


Module three: Leadership in organizations


In the context of your workplace you look at team work and delegation noticing how you can build on our own strengths and recognise those of others. You work on time management and motivation starting by looking at your own time management and motivation and then going on to consider how to help others with theirs.


A typical course timetable looks like this (although there may be some variations depending on the needs of the participants):

  Module one: The Leader in me
Module  two: Communication skills Module  three: Leadership in organizations
Task 1 Course expectations Active listening Time management
Task 2 Work challenges Effective conversations Delegation
Task 3 Self-diagnostic tests Win-win thinking Teams
Task 4 What is leadership? Assertiveness Motivation
Task 5 Characteristics of a leader Getting feedback Types of organisation
Task 6 Module one assignment: recording a video Module two assignment: communication role play Module three assignment: blog post

The trainer

The course leader is Duncan Foord. Duncan has more than 20 years’ experience teaching, training teachers and in other leadership roles such as Director of Studies and School Director. He has an MEd in TESOL and RSA DipTEFLA and is the author of The Developing Teacher (DELTA) and the Language Teachers Survival Guide (It’s).

Assessment and certification

To pass the course and receive the certificate you will have to:

  • Complete 100% of the course tasks to a satisfactory standard.

The Oxford TEFL Leadership in ELT certificate will state that you have passed the course, outline the components of the course in detail and state the length of the course. Certificates are emailed to the address given on the application form within 14 days of course completion. Those requested to be received by post will incur an additional charge of €10.

Recommended reading

Stephen Covey
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
1989, Franklin J Covey

Duncan Foord
The Developing Teacher
2009, DELTA Publishing

Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams Wikinomics
How mass collaboration changes everything
2008, Portfolio/Penguin



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