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Trinity Dip TESOL Dates & Prices

Course fees – Single payment

€450 deposit to secure place (deducted from your course fee)


Course fees – in four separate payments

€450 deposit to secure place + 3 instalments of €750


Aside from the course price, the following will also have to be paid in order to complete the course:

  • Trinity examination fees – In 2018 the fees to submit all 4 units of the Trinity Dip TESOL in order to complete the course are a total of €500. These fees are to be paid at least two months before your first submission.
  • Required books – There are 6 books you’ll be required to have in order to complete the course. Diploma reading list.

Course Dates

The Trinity Dip TESOL begins with 6 months online study, followed by three weeks face to face.

Online stage dates (7 months)

  • October – May 2018
  • January – July 2019

Face to face stage dates (3 or 4 weeks)




BarcelonaJune 4
July 2
July 30
September 3

June 22, 2018
July 20, 2018
August 24, 2018
September 21, 2018

PragueJuly 30Aug 24 2018
KeralaOctober 29November 16, 2018
CadizJuly 16August 3, 2018
The face-to-face part of the course can also be arranged in a local centre. For further information on this, contact us at tesol@oxfordtefl.com

Assessment dates:

Unit 1– The written exam.

This can be done at one of our centres or at your location in an approved centre. You should be able to sit the exam at your school. If not we can help you find a local centre where you can take the exam. Trinity will arrange to have the exam sent to this centre. You are responsible for arranging invigilation and receipt of the exam. 


Examination dates in 2018Closing date for entries 2018
Friday 10th August 2018Friday 13th July 2018
Friday 23rd November 2018Friday 12th October 2018

Unit 2

You will submit all three projects mid July. These projects are submitted electronically. You may request an extension until October but tutor support will not continue after mid July. To ask for an extension, email Nicola Meldrum, your course director. You can request extra support after mid July for a fee of €200

Units 3 and 4

The Phonology Interview and Teaching Observations are assessed in the face to face part of the course. See the dates above. Dates must be communicated to us at least 8 weeks prior to exam dates in order to be submitted. You will be contacted during the course with the options and with a reminder on when to send your decisions for by our exam submissions. Entries received up to four weeks before the exam date will be subject to a surcharge of 50%. Entries received fewer than four weeks (28 days) before the examination will not be accepted. If a candidate fails to complete a minimum of 80% of the course work, Oxford TEFL reserves the right to refuse entry for assessment. This will be discussed on an individual basis with the candidate prior to the entry dates.

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