Free teacher development workshops in Barcelona

Twice a year, Oxford TEFL Barcelona stages a series of teacher development workshops, featuring well-known presenters. These workshops are free to attend.

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Previous workshop programmes

Spring 2012

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Friday  February 24
“From English Teacher to Learning Coach” with Duncan Foord

Will our students make faster progress if we coach them more and teach them less? We will look at coaching strategies which can motivate students to learn more effectively during and after class and there will be practical examples of activities students can do on their own and with other learners.

Friday March 2
Catalina Dumitrescu

How much grammar should we really teach? Is grammar as important as the text books tell us it is? Catalina Dumitrescu looks at grammar in the classrom in another way.

Friday March 16
Kate Williams

Use of images in the classroom – Activities, ideas and engagement with images in order to encourage natural language production in the classroom. Does a picture really paint a 1000 words?

Friday March 23
Gabriela Albano

Video clips and effective listening activities in the classroom.

 Friday March 30
Graham Stanley

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have come to dominate the online landscape, but how can language teachers use them professionally? In this session we’ll be looking at both ways teachers can connect with other teachers and how they can use social networking with learners.

Friday April 13
“Teachers or postmen?” with Jamie Keddie

What exactly do we expect to achieve with the materials that we take into the classroom? And how do we set out to do it? Well, perhaps it’s a question of delivery. In this practical talk, we will address two points: firstly, that one route to engaging classroom practice lies in the teacher’s delivery technique and secondly, that mainstream beliefs may prevent such techniques from flourishing.