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Rhys joined OxfordTEFL in 2014 as Webmaster. He has been teaching since 2010 when he completed his PGCE in the UK, going on to teach a range of subjects including Film, Animation and English.

Fall in love with Cadiz and start a new life in Spain

Love at first sight: Cadiz. This enchanting city in the South of Spain has a rich and varied tradition of hospitality, food and art as well as one of the most desirable climates the Mediterranean has to offer. What more … Continue reading

Prague TESOL Graduate Interview: Jeena Lim

Which course did you take? Trinity Cert. TESOL course April-May 2014 How was Prague? If home is where the heart is, then Prague is home to me. The city itself is beautiful, with beautiful architecture and places of historical significance … Continue reading

Prague Graduate Interview: Hannah Kollef

Oxford TEFL Prague! I love you!    That’s what I’d really like to say, and I think it sums my thoughts up accurately. I took the Trinity Cert. TESOL course in January 2013, and I’m so glad I chose the winter to begin … Continue reading

Ten tips for living in Prague

Jeff has been living and teaching in Prague since completing his Oxford Trinity Cert TESOL in September 2014. He shares his experience and Top 10 reasons to live and work in Prague below. Visit one of the countless festivals going … Continue reading

Trinity Dip TESOL graduate

Clever ways of using mobile phones for learning – a workshop

How many of us find ourselves battling with teenagers who can’t peel themselves away from their devices or feel frustrated when an adult student checks their phone during class?   Should mobile phones be banned from our classrooms?   If … Continue reading