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Online courses with OxfordTEFL

We believe that distance learning works best when it captures, as far as possible, the dynamics of face to face learning, even when that means less flexibility (see below). A sense of isolation can cause people to drop out of distance learning courses.

Our distance/online/ blended learning courses have the following key features, which ensure motivation remains high.

Variety of ways of learning

Through our virtual learning environment you will use the internet to communicate with tutors and fellow course members, access materials and complete learning tasks.


Our virtual learning environment (VLE) allows you to communicate individually and collectively with tutors and other course members, both for social and study purposes.

You will be assigned individual, group and pair tasks, as in a “real” classroom with the difference that, instead of all working at the same time (synchronised) you can log on and off and contribute at times which are convenient to you.

You may, on a few occasions, be required to log on at the same time as other course members for “lessons”, “conferences” or “chats” in the virtual classroom.

A real class of fellow students

In many distance courses, learners start and finish courses at any time of the year and join an infinite number of other distance learners at various stages of their course.

Our courses have start and finish dates and a defined group of participants, just like our face-to-face courses. You will have tasks and deadlines to keep and be expected to maintain an appropriate rhythm (see above). In other words, flexibility is limited in order to maintain motivation.

Learning how to learn online

As well as learning about teaching and language you will have the opportunity to experience and reflect on the nature of online learning itself.

Ease of use

You will find it easy to use the virtual learning environment, even if you are relatively unfamiliar with this kind of learning and there will be plenty of support and guidance from tutors to deal with any queries and make sure you are on track.

We use Moodle, a virtual learning environment (VLE), which allows you to:

  • upload and download course information and material
  • access materials on and offline
  • participate in live and non-synchronised discussions
  • send work to tutors and receive feedback
  • communicate with tutors and other members of the class individually and as a group.
  • interact in ways similar to a real classroom with the advantage of being able to access it at times convenient to you.

We use skype/messenger or telephone for personal tutorials.

You will need to have regular access to a computer with internet connection, but won’t need to spend huge amounts of time actually online.

We recommend you install skype if you don’t have it already to take advantage of cost free calls to tutors.

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If you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to answer you.

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