About Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL was established in 1998. At the time, our Directors, Duncan and Nick had been working as English teachers and Teacher Trainers in Barcelona, Spain for about nine years. There are now around 80 teachers, trainers and admin staff working in our centres in Prague (opened in 2003) and Barcelona. Our team has grown too and includes leading ELT professionals, trainers and writers.

We are the leading provider for the Trinity CertTESOL outside the UK and  the Trinity Diploma in TESOL worldwide. More than 3000 teachers have earned their Trinity TESOL certificate in our centres in Barcelona, Cadiz, Malaga, Kerala (India), London and Prague and over 400 have completed their Trinity Diploma in TESOL. We also offer online and face to face teacher development courses for ELT.

In Barcelona and Prague OxfordTEFL courses take place in our language schools, Oxford House Barcelona and Oxford House Prague, where we  also provide English, Spanish and Czech language courses.

We founded the company with the ambition of creating a place where students, teachers, trainers and admin staff felt happy working and learning. For us that means helping people to focus on their aims and enjoy the experience of achieving them. Creating an atmosphere of open communication, support and willingness to try out new ideas helps us feel confident about supporting trainee teachers and language learners in the challenging and exciting endeavour of learning languages and learning to teach them.

Would you like to join us?

Find out about setting up an OxfordTEFL Trinity Cert TESOL course in your school:  tesol@oxfordtefl.com

Find out about becoming a member school of the Oxford House group: tesol@oxfordtefl.com

Send us your CV/Resume if you would like to work for us: recruitment@oxfordtefl.com